Garuda "GARUDA" stands for the majestic Eagle soaring high in the air, sharp & agile, always ahead and this has been the guiding spirit at "GARUDA" stainless steel industries. "Ahead of Time" has been the watchword at "GARUDA" and the company has always lived up to this laudable spirit and in the process has earned accolades & encomiums from all its stake holders.

"GARUDA" was established in the year 1980 and very soon, bringing innovation in every aspect of its performance, the company endeared itself to all and built up the reputation that has been envy to others.Throughout its presence of last 30 years the company has consistently excelled through its spirit of experimentation and through its vast reservoir of experience.

Situated in the happening city of Ahmedabad, India the company has 3 production lines with the state of art, most modern machinery. The company also enjoys huge presence as exporter and has a nationwide network of STAINLESS STEEL & HARD ANODISED PRESSURE COOKER, ENCAPSULATED BOTTOM, COPPER BOTTOM, HARD ANODISED COOKWARE & LIFESTYLE PRODUCTS.

What sets "GARUDA" apart of its competitors is its strong presence throughout the vast Indian Market and the excellence that the company has achieved through its export business throughout Asia, the Middle East, Europe and American Markets.

Each and every product manufactured at "GARUDA" has always secured its rightful place in consumers' hearts because of the perfect combination of 5"M"viz.Management, Man, Machine, Method & Material.

The impeccable products of "GARUDA" have been time and again chosen by corporate giants as "CORPORATE GIFTS" of choice. We at "GARUDA" have a wide array of products truly befitting as Corporate Gifts since each of our product excels in terms of "Design", "Presentation", "Durability" and catching instant fancy of our discerning clientele. That is the reason that whatever the season, "GARUDA" products are always chosen as CORPORATE GIFTS.

We at "Garuda" look forward to exciting future with utmost confidence because governing each of our actions is strong sense of sincerity, honesty, integrity and of course utmost satisfaction of each of our valued customers, our would be customers and every single of our stake holders.

Garuda continues and will continues soaring high in the sky like "EAGLE MAJESTIC"

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